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Sales Contacts
Account Executives
Station Personnel
Patti Johnson, Business Manager
John Patrick, WQUT Program Director
Bill Meade, WJCW/WXSM/WGOC Program Director
Bob Lawrence, Group Marketing Director, Digital Content Manager bob.lawrence
Steve "Bud" Haas, WQUT Promotion Director, Personality (WQUT & WXSM)
Tim Cable , WJCW Personality, host of "Thinking Out Loud"
Carl Swann, WJCW Personality, "Thinking Out Loud" Show Booker carl.swann
Bobby Rader, WXSM Show Host "The Morning Monster"
Jeri George, WQUT Personality


Full service property maintenance - inside and out. Residential, commercial, & new construction cleaning.
Campbell’s Morrell Music sales specialists are ready to assist beginner to veteran musicians. Call (423)929-1083
Boonie's Restaurant at Davis Marina on Boone Lake. Call (423) 279-0013
For health and life insurance, Medicare supplements,or long-term care protection, call (423) 854-9173

Gary Story Insurance, Johnson City, provides ways for you to protect your future.(423) 854-9173


Hawg & Dawg in Erwin, barbecue and hot dogs...and more! Call (423) 743-9600

Keesecker Appliance Furniture & Flooring, serving Elizabethton since 1942. Call (423) 707-6117

Let Plant Palace & Florist in Erwin be your first choice for flowers. Call (423) 743-3301
Scott’s Farm Market, in Unicoi, has a motto: “If we didn’t grow it we know who did”. Call (423)743-7511  
KNK Automotive, Erwin
Looking for a safe and dependable, fuel efficient vehicle? See KNK!
   Go Green with Septic Clean® . . . the organic septic tank treatment.  Available locally!  

Big John's Closeouts in Elizabethton!
Where they hammer high prices!


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